Monday, 13 February 2012

New work completed February 2012

I play with the theme of indigenous preservation, bringing attention to the beautiful things we have carelessly lost and to bring awareness of the importance to protect what we still have. The painting explores protection and vulnerability. The NZ Huia was one of our most prestigious birds and was hunted for its tail feathers. Early European settlers wore the feathers in their hats as a status symbol, the Maori Chiefs wore them in their hair for the same reason. Unfortunately, due to the sudden influx of European settlers and the popularity of the Huia feathers, and also the females beak for jewellery and adornments, the Huia was hunted to extinction through greed, power and status. The last confirmed sighting of a Huia was on 28 December 1907 in the Tararua Ranges. Further credible sightings near Wellington were reported until 1922 and in Te Urewera National Park in the early 1960s. 

In the process of protecting that which we have been gifted we ourselves become vulnerable to those who value power, money and status above mother earth herself.

1200mm x 900mm

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Inside my head

I am completely torn. Torn between what I want to paint and what others want me to paint. What others want is what I know will sell but its just not the same. Right now I'm conflicted and searching for the happy medium, but I'm concerned a happy medium is a compromise which does not feel true to the artist within me. How do you find the right blend and still pay the bills?
I do not wish to sound like a starving artist, I believe if you do things right and from the heart you cant go wrong. But in practice sometimes it just doesn't work that way. There is still a certain amount you must earn to get you through each month and right now the pressure overwhelms me and fogs my vision. In the desperate search to 'make enough money to pay the bills and make my business worthy to continue' I find my mind becomes crammed and clouded and completely confused, and eventually procrastination takes over as decisions become too hard to make. What if it doesn't sell? I will have wasted that precious time. Time. What if people don't like the direction I'm heading? People like what I've done and that's what I'm known for..bird paintings.. yet for me its not enough. I want to evolve. I want to paint more, to tell stories, to ignite an emotion. Yet I still need to make money...although I know money isn't everything, but if I am to continue, lets get real, the bills still have to be paid and no one else is going to do it for me.
Every minute of the day my mind is ticking over ideas, searching for that 'one', that one idea that makes my instincts rise and say 'yes!' ....I am continuously at work. This life is what I am, this is who I am, this is all I know. I live art, I breathe art, I consume art, I make art. I want to feed my art to those who see it, I want them to breathe it, to consume it.
But the bills still need to be paid...

On my easel right now a work in progress exploring protection and vulnerability:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New painting for 2012:

Something a little different from my New Zealand focussed work, a play with mixed media and a looser style combined with realism. I enjoyed the process immensely!  Words used:  'Inspire, Positive and Hope'

'The Dream Unfolds'
600mm x 300mm
for sale NZ$800.00

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why do I paint? It is who I am.

I paint because when I'm painting I'm in my zone, I am completely and utterly being ME, I AM being the true me. I'm living in the moment and my visions are being manifested onto canvas. I'm being the one thing that can't be taken away from me and the one thing I am most passionate about. When painting I am at one with my environment and all that surrounds me, I am tuned into spirit which surrounds me, and helps me to bring my messages out into the world for the people to see and to feed their minds with :)

                                        'In the End All That Matters' - 1000mm x 1500mm - 2009
When making an important decision or approaching the end of a chapter, what really matters is that we are proud of who we are, we remain true to ourselves, that we are comfortable in what we believe in and what we believe in belongs only to us, that we remember the lessons we have learnt through the mountains we have climbed and we have grown through the knowledge we have been given. The Kotuku here is a personification of the soul, standing tall and proud. The rock symbolizes the arduous journey’s we take to reach knowledge, a pounamu pendant represents the artist’s spiritual beliefs and, shaped in the form of a mania (a spiritual guardian), protects her soul. The tree symbolizes the wisdom born through the use of the knowledge we learn and the light represents hope and life everlasting.
Ma te whakaatu, ka mohio
Ma to mohio, ka marama
Ma te marama, ka maatau
Ma te maatau, ka ora.
By discussion, comes understanding
By understanding, come light
By light, comes wisdom
By wisdom, comes life everlasting.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fourth NZ postage stamp and where to from here..

Finally managed to finish the Tui stamp. It's been quite hard going with this one and in the end it took me 5 weeks to complete. I've decided to take a break for now from the stamp series and move onto some commission work. Four paintings to complete within the next 9 weeks. Once these are completed I'll be getting back to my own ideas and completing some pieces I've already begun for submission into an exhibition in Wellington around February/March time next year. Looking forward to this exciting chapter opening and hoping this will bring new opportunities my way.

I spent an hour or so outside photographing a family of fantails yesterday, hoping to get reference images to use in some of these commissions. A couple of very sweet young ones gave me some pretty poses and the adults were on form too.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I am a great believer in remaining open for opportunities to come your way. I believe if you are patient and you have set the ball rolling along the path you wish to go then the right opportunities to help you there will come. Galleries have always approached me. I have never approached a gallery to ask for acceptance for my work. I've always held back. I used to think it was my lack of confidence and fear of being turned away. Now I know this is not the case. Recently it was suggested to me I approach a well desired gallery in Auckland. I have held back and in doing so the right opportunity has arrived which would not have been possible had I approached the suggested gallery months earlier.  I am very careful where and with whom I hang my work. Sometimes it takes time to see a clear picture of something you thought was quite different. I rely on my intuition, if it doesn't feel right I will wait. Some become frustrated with me, but I know patience is a virtue. It is not a race, good cheese takes time. 

Trust in your instincts, have a goal to head towards, make your goal the highest. Believe your work is of the highest standard and make your work of the highest standard. Use the best materials, use archival materials. Be proud of this fact. Let your clients be comforted in the knowledge they are making a wise investment by purchasing high quality fine art. Set your standards high. Paint from your heart. Believe you are already there and the Universe will bring it to you. 

And remember, when it provides for you, be thankful.

                                       'Korora And Me' - work in progress

Sunday, 18 September 2011

NZ Fantail Stamp

My third NZ Stamp painting is finished. These are proving to be very popular so I'll continue the collection.

New Zealand Fantail Stamp
500mm x 550mm
Pebeo fine artist acrylics
Fine cotton stretched canvas